Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Bats and Witch Ladies Cards

 Happy Halloween!!!!   I Love this time of year..I made a couple of Halloween cards and really had fun with them..I took the fashion ladies and turned them into bat lovers...Added some fall leaves and a bat pumpkin..

The witch is tangled in a spider web and her pet bat, Boris, is ready to land on her shoulder..The spiders are creeping around on their web...I stretched out a gauze pad for the web...Hope you enjoy my creepy cards...Enjoy your Halloween and thanks for visiting my blog.....Kathy
Trick or Treat!!!


rose tresures said...

Oh, eeeeek, I love your cards Kathy!!! You done a fantastic job and they are beautiful! You rock, my friend! hugs, Patty

Vic said...

Great cards!