Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Potted Plant Drawing

Spring Has Sprung

I have had the urge to get out my colored pencils and sketchbook to do some drawing..My African violets are blooming like crazy and, so, I decided drawing one of them would be a good start..When it was finished I then decided to make the drawing into a birthday card for my friend, who loves purple...I cut the drawing out of the sketchbook and glued it onto a pretty purple and white polka dot paper, with a white, paper doily peaking out from behind..I added white lace at the bottom and scattered some crocheted flowers with tiny white pearls that I glued in the center...

This is not a card that you open..It's more like a postcard with the greeting on the back...I went crazy drawing little violets all over and had a hard time knowing when to stop..This is something a little different, for me, and I had such fun making this card...I hope it puts you all in a springy mood....Thanks for looking...Please come again soon.........Kathy